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Timberon-area Fire Update

On Friday, May 3rd, brave first responders, volunteers, and slurry plane dumps battled the wildfire

For more detailed and current information, you can visit the New Mexico Fire Viewer here and the Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center's wildfire map for New Mexico here.

The Oakmont Fire in Timberon, NM, began yesterday at 12:28 p.m. in an old burn scar in the wilderness. The source is under investigation.

According to one first responder, the blaze burned two travel trailers and one double-wide residence but no other structures as of 8:00 p.m. last night.

An update from the New Mexico Forestry Department:

“As of 8:45 p.m., the Oakmont fire is estimated at 100 acres, and zero percent contained. A Type 3 IC has been ordered to take command, given the amount of resources and situational complexity. Otero County has released the county's resources for the evening to be available for tomorrow morning's actions. All roads in and out of Timberon are currently restricted with no estimated time of opening. This will be the last notification of the evening unless there are significant changes.”

Slurry planes, volunteer fire departments, line crews, county sheriffs, Forest Service Hotshot crews, and more were on the scene.

The Sacramento and Smokey Bear Hotshot crews are still putting out lots of scattered burns and working towards containment before winds pick back up on Sunday.

Timberon, located 30 miles to the south of Cloudcroft, is using Cloudcroft’s High School Gym as the official shelter for mandatory evacuees from Sacramento and Paradise Valley Drives. If families have questions, they can call Cloudcroft Fire and EMS Department at 575-430-3473.

Cloudcroft Schools delayed Timberon bus routes, and students sheltered in place. The school’s reunification procedures are in place.

In a heartwarming display of community support, many Cloudcroft businesses and hotels have stepped up to offer discounted or free services to evacuated Timberon residents. Mad Jack’s Mountaintop Barbecue, for instance, extended its operating hours and provided free sandwiches to those sheltering at the high school, demonstrating the spirit of solidarity in times of crisis.

The Otero County Fairgrounds and Circle Cross Ranch have offered to house livestock.

You can read more updates through NM Fire Info here.