#Question #1:

Why do you want to be mayor?

Jim Maynard: “It is all about service to our community. The office of mayor requires leadership skills, knowledge of the community, and the ability to dedicate the amount of time required. My 41 years of mountain experience has uniquely prepared me for this office. It would be my honor to give back to my community as their mayor.”

Richard Welch: “ I want to be Mayor because I view a lot of actions being discussed that have a detrimental effect on the community. Allowing street vendors on Burro St would have the potential of putting permanent businesses out of business. Subsidizing businesses by allowing the use of public property is just wrong. Turning Zenith Park into a flea market would destroy the quality of life for citizens.

Gail McCoy: “Two years on the council as a trustee has been exciting and a great learning experience. I was a positive factor in getting the dirt removed from Zenith Park. I also spearheaded the forming of the Recreation Advisory Committee. It feels good to be contributing instead of complaining. Being mayor of Cloudcroft for four years will be a great way to serve our village and its residents. As mayor, I will see to the day-to-day operations of the village office. We have a great staff and under my leadership, I hope to continue in the right direction.

Craig Turner: “My love for Cloudcroft began 30 years ago when I first visited with my wife, Phyllis, who has a long-standing connection to Cloudcroft, having lived and gone to school here 50 years ago. This deep-rooted affection for Cloudcroft has fueled my desire to contribute and make a positive impact as Mayor, with Phyllis standing with me in partnership and support for the prosperity of Cloudcroft and its future success.

Gerald ‘Dusty’ Wiley: “I want to be mayor because I feel the community needs a voice. Community first. This is not a political platitude but is my philosophy first and foremost. My definition of community is not limited to just the residents of the Cloudcroft village defined by lines on a map, but by all the people who call this mountaintop home. So many live outside of those Cloudcroft boundary lines, but if you asked them where they live, they proudly proclaim “Cloudcroft”. While they may not be able to vote, they still deserve a voice. Many work here, their children go to school here, they support the local businesses and economy, and some are part-timers and pay property taxes here. My primary concern as mayor will be to listen and ask questions. I want to know what your concerns are. I want to know how I can utilize this position to make our village better and how I can help you personally.  As mayor, I will have an open-door policy. I will be available five days a week to listen, ask questions and make the decisions that benefit the village and our mountain community.

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