Question #5:

In Cloudcroft, making a living wage and finding affordable housing is difficult. The same is true of running a profitable business here. How can the community best create a healthy, sustainable economy that supports local businesses and residents?

Jim Maynard: “To be truly business friendly, Cloudcroft can review its existing ordinances looking for areas where regulations can be minimized while still protecting the community. Clear and concise ordinances allow a business owner to project cost and responsibilities more accurately. This will assist in the operation and management in any business venture. As mayor, I would welcome new ideas and businesses to Cloudcroft. I believe responsible growth is how you create a healthy and sustainable economy.”

Richard Welch: “ Promote the only industry we have, tourism. Quit trying to keep Cloudcroft a secret and yell from the rooftops how wonderful Cloudcroft is. Educate the public without tourism Cloudcroft would not exist.”

Gail McCoy: “These are issues that a community can tackle together. Keeping our youth, creating jobs, and affordable housing. This can bring professionals together to solve the issue.”

Craig Turner: “Creating a healthy, sustainable economy that supports local businesses and residents in Cloudcroft requires a multi-faceted approach. Here are some strategies that can help address the challenges of making a living wage, finding affordable housing, and running profitable businesses:

I would encourage economic diversification by identifying and promoting new industries or sectors that align with the community's strengths and resources. This could include exploring opportunities in eco-tourism, renewable energy, or technology. By diversifying the local economy, more job opportunities can be created, leading to improved wages and business viability.

Providing resources, mentorship programs, and financial assistance to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses is important. This can include offering incentives for new businesses to establish themselves in Cloudcroft, facilitating access to capital, providing business development training, and creating networking platforms to foster collaboration among businesses.

I plan to work with local governments, housing authorities, and private developers to address the issue of affordable housing. This could involve incentivizing the construction or renovation of affordable housing units, implementing zoning regulations that allow for diverse housing options, and exploring partnerships with non-profit organizations focused on affordable housing.

I will foster collaboration and cooperation within the Cloudcroft community by establishing partnerships between local businesses, residents, and community organizations. This can include creating merchant associations, organizing community events, and supporting initiatives that promote the "buy local" movement. By prioritizing local businesses, the community can collectively contribute to their success and overall economic health.

We should continue to invest in tourism development while ensuring it is sustainable and benefits the local economy. This can be achieved by promoting responsible tourism practices, encouraging visitors to support local businesses, and facilitating partnerships between the tourism industry and the local community. By leveraging tourism, Cloudcroft can create additional revenue streams that contribute to a thriving economy.

I will advocate for policies at the local, state, and federal levels that prioritize the needs of small businesses and support economic development in rural areas. This can include tax incentives for businesses, infrastructure improvements, and access to funding programs specifically designed for rural communities.”

Gerald ‘Dusty’ Wiley: “COVID was a perfect example of our community supporting local businesses and our employees that are longtime residents here. We have a café and from March 2020 to March 2021, we were only allowed inside dining for 6 weeks. Other than that, it was outside dining and takeout.

We, and every other restaurant, bakery and coffee shop would have been bankrupt if it wasn’t for the big hearts and generosity of this community! People came in droves and made a point of getting takeout for 364 days. It is the people of Cloudcroft that have created a healthy, sustainable economy and supported the local businesses. I don’t believe you can legislate “support”.  Businesses are a vital part of any community and I think in times of hardship and good times, we all support each other.”

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