Question #6:

Tourism is vital to Cloudcroft. What is your vision of how we attract more visitors year-round and enhance Cloudcroft’s offerings to that market? We have plenty of competition from other New Mexico communities.

Jim Maynard: “Cloudcroft has done a good job of attracting tourists. Our 9,000 feet above stress level is a true statement. However we have been weak in their entertainment choices. In the last 10 years, our new and improved local businesses have started to address this deficiency. Cloudcroft now offers more dining choices, live music, shopping and overnight accommodations than ever before. As mayor I would support expanding these tourist enhancing efforts.

Richard Welch: “One of the biggest assets Cloudcroft has is its uniqueness. There are very few villages left in America that are like Cloudcroft. We need to preserve what we have and be very careful with development. To me, quality of life is more important than making money. The quality of life here is one of the reasons tourists come here and the reason for most of us who choose to live here.”

Gail McCoy: “Tourism. Cloudcroft and our outdoor beauty draws people from the state and out of the country.

We are the only location in New Mexico that is the Christmas Capital focusing on that 12 months. Our chamber has done an incredible job and it takes the rest of us to promote.”

Craig Turner: “1. Diversify Activities: Cloudcroft can expand its offerings beyond outdoor activities to cater to a wider range of interests. This could include developing cultural and artistic events. Also, wellness retreats, yoga workshops, or meditation retreats could tap into the growing wellness tourism market.

2. Seasonal Events: Hosting seasonal events throughout the year can help attract visitors during different times. For example, winter events like snowshoeing competitions or ice sculpting festivals, spring wildflower festivals, Pickle-ball Competitions, summer concert series, or fall foliage tours can create a sense of excitement and draw visitors during specific seasons.

3. Outdoor Adventure Packages: Collaborate with outdoor enthusiasts and guides to create comprehensive adventure packages that cater to different skill levels. This could include hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, ziplining, or even horseback riding. Offering package deals with accommodation and activity options can make it easier for visitors to plan their trips.

4. Sustainable Tourism Practices: Emphasize sustainable tourism practices by promoting eco-friendly accommodation options, encouraging responsible outdoor activities, and supporting local conservation efforts. This can appeal to travelers who are conscious of their environmental impact and are looking for destinations that prioritize sustainability.

5. Collaboration and Partnerships: Forge partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and the community to create a cohesive tourism experience. Collaborating with nearby towns, attractions, or lodging providers can help create regional itineraries that encourage visitors to explore more than just Cloudcroft.

By diversifying offerings, marketing effectively, and focusing on sustainable practices, Cloudcroft can attract a broader range of visitors throughout the year and establish itself as a desirable destination for a variety of interests.”

Gerald ‘Dusty’ Wiley: “We can bring more visitors to Cloudcroft by offering more family-fun activities. Our visitors love the Cherry Festival, Christmas in July, and Lumber Jack Days. I am really excited about Cloudcroft declaring itself the year round “Christmas Capital of New Mexico”. Visitors come to escape the heat and to seek family fun. Working with the Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce, I would love input from the community. I have been told that “bed races” and “out-house races” would be fun and sure to bring in visitors.  Again, with input from the community, I would like to know what people think of a one day once a year bike race. What about a larger seasonal farmers market with many vendors one weeknight a week on Burro? Residents and visitors alike would enjoy a nice evening strolling and looking at produce and crafts.”

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