Question #2:

As mayor what will you prioritize as the top issues to address? Why those?

Jim Maynard: “(1) Clean/dependable water. (2) Scheduled road maintenance. (3) Balancing community issues. Why these issues?

1. Water, we all drink the same water. Our water supply is our lifeline. Historically, water has been our most vital topic. Water security requires adequate funding and focused attention. I have studied the water issues of Cloudcroft for the last 27 years. To guard and protect our water supply would be my top priority.

2. Roads unite us. We drive on the same roads. Cloudcroft maintains over 19 miles of roadways. These consist of gravel, chip seal and asphalt surfaces. Our dependance on good quality roads include safety, health and well being. A well maintained road is pleasant to drive on. It allows the emergency vehicles to respond quicker and ads to the overall value of the community.

3. Balancing community issues-Our community issues are as diverse as its people. A qualified mayor needs to listen and consider all views. The focus and direction the mayor leads the community will reflect how well this task is accomplished. It is easy to make a quick decision but will it stand the test of time. A topic that is widely discussed today may not be of interest in a few years. As mayor I would use critical thought and keep my focus on meeting the needs of the majority of the community issues.

Richard Welch: “Water is my first concern, Cloudcroft has a limited supply of which is replenished by rain. When the next drought comes, Cloudcroft will run out of water unless something is done. Affordable housing is a huge concern because there isn't enough affordable housing for the people who work in Cloudcroft.

Gail McCoy: “As mayor, I will prioritize and address these top issues:

(a) Water, roads, and infrastructure. Before becoming a trustee, I was on the water committee to review and rewrite ordinances. When approved by the council, these ordinances helped to create a fund for roads and infrastructure.

(b) Outdoor recreation The recently passed SB9 Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund will bring $100 million for conservation and outdoor recreation. Piggybacking this is a mentoring program for the youth in outdoor recreation.

(c) Youth (maintaining citizens). Engaging the youth in our events. Listening to their voices. Working with the school in internship programs to work with local businesses.

(d) Tourism.  Advertise adventure, Christmas Capital of New Mexico. Work closely with the Chamber of Commerce to find out where tourists come from and track their travel path.

(e) Economic Development. Listen to the needs and wants of our local small businesses. Town hall meetings and sub-committees. Bring in new businesses that complement our landscape.

Craig Turner: “I believe in the power of community engagement and open communication. I invite your input on the following issues I am focusing on in my run for Mayor of the Village of Cloudcroft:

Water & Infrastructure Development
Parks & Recreation Enhancement
Economic Growth & Small Business Support
Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Responsible Development, Affordable Housing & Preservation of Village Charm
Transparency & Accountability in Government

By focusing on these issues, I aim to address key aspects of community well-being, promote growth, and ensure the long-term sustainability and livability of the Village of Cloudcroft.

Gerald ‘Dusty’ Wiley: “I want to stress again Community First! We are a tight knit community, bound together by our shared love for this mountain we call home.  Most of us do not aspire to be a mini Ruidoso.  We know what makes us special is our small-town feel.

Collaboration is key. Our vision and efforts must be mindful of, and sensitive to the need to balance our quaint charm with our tourism industry and economic development.  We must work together so that families can afford to work, live, and thrive here.

Growth is not a dirty word, for without any growth, we will become stagnant. Many of us would have to leave our beloved mountain to seek out employment and opportunities elsewhere. We must have smart growth, but growth that is thoughtfully paced that benefits the residents of Cloudcroft. Any growth needs to reflect the will of the people. With your input, we must work together to identify our community strengths and our weaknesses and strive to do good work to improve both.

Water is one of my top priorities. Water is a precious resource, and we must take steps to protect it. When we moved here and bought our business, which included the laundromat, I was unaware just how precious water was here.  I was deeply unsettled when I learned that during dry summers, water was being hauled up here from Alamogordo. I had a constant internal struggle with the need for a laundromat and the hardship it would impose if I were to close it, and the reality that I had a public laundromat that was dipping into this precious limited resource. Ultimately the water shortages and other factors helped me to decide that it was in the best interest of the village to close it.

I am committed to tirelessly seeking out grants and funding at the state and federal levels to ensure we have clean water for generations to come. I will also seek funding to invest in infrastructure, public services and community development.

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